The UK H2 Mobility initiative had its meeting at the Johnson Matthey facility the same day and joined in on the test drives.

The Swindon event on 4 October

24 October

Curiosity of fuel cell craftsmen at Johnson Matthey and automobile industry commitment at Honda.  

Fuelling the future from Swindon

8 October

The UK’s first public-access hydrogen refuelling station was host to seven fuel-cell car
The Hyundai ix35 FCEV performed well on the mountain roads.

Road Tour stop at Klimamobility in Bolzano

2 October

Seminars, test driving and a rally across the mountains in Bolzano, Italy.
VIP & press event at Solvay, Hannover 18th September.

Highlights from Tour stop No 2 in Hannover

18 September

Hannover has the will and the potential to ramp up the hydrogen efforts and become a major hydrogen centre.

Final project report

The project is completed. Read the project summary here and download the final report as a pdf here.

Public reports and deliverables

The H2moves Scandinavia project has produced a number of public reports and deliverables. You can download them here.

European Hydrogen Road Tour Report

You can download the European Hydrogen Road Tour report on the locations, events, participants and results here.

Report on H2moves Scandinavia's station and vehicles

The first results of fuel cell vehicle testing in Scandinavia during the past winter have shown a very satisfying reliability at temperatures down to below minus twenty degrees.

Download the report here.

You can also download detailed results from November 2011 – July 2012 here.

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